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Why Search Engine Marketing?

The basic question of why. To answer that we would have to explain what search engine marketing (SEM) is. SEM is not unlike much of the real world marketing you already see today. Like a billboard on the highway, the flyer on your windshield, the TV commercial, the receipt coupon - SEM is much like these things, yet mostly located on the information superhighway (or the Internet.)

Their are many different forms of marketing on the Internet these days. Much has changed over the years and much will continue to morph and expand as the Internet comes out of infancy. Long gone are the pop-up ads that use to haunt many sites and send most visitors away and now new dynamic ads are shown that are within the programming of a site. But with the ever-changing architecture of the world wide web, how does a business stay on top?

What we do

Getting your site or client sites to rank high in the major search engines can be quite the task without the proper knowledge. Let us take the reigns, starting from optimizing your website to gaining recognition with the major search engines. We will use the many weapons in our marketing arsenal to gain a presence for your business on the Internet.

What does it cost?

The cost will vary from site to site depending on site size to current rankings on the Search Engines. No site is the same and no goal is the same from company to company. Give us a call and we can discuss your goals.

Why Use Airevilo Corp?

Founder and CEO, Shawn Oliveria has been running online businesses since 1998. From experiencing the promises of so-called Internet Marketing companies who failed to deliver anything they promised. And receiving many of the calls from companies who couldn't even answer educated questions about SEO and SEM, Shawn decided that there was a market offering a true service with integrity. Delivering to the customer what was promised.

So, if you have found yourself running into the fraudulent Internet Marketing companies and have been burned so many times that you can't trust any company that says they can handle your Internet Marketing needs. Then you have found a company that understands your concerns and is here to prove that the opposite can be true!







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